alex. 20. i want to go to sleep.

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I got a fish! (for a month) his name is gordon! he’s really pretty! gorgeous gordon!

guigou acquires pets fr the flat, this is yey, soon we will b overrun w animals, we will die happy (snoop is lying on me rn this is ideal tbqh)

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this is ur literary future, nz

i tried them. they foam. the rumours r true.
this is ur literary future, nz


I bet your bebo had a photo album of you pretending to drink bottles of hot sauce, like that was funny.

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new sitcom premise: god with a blog

what if god was one of us. …….just a shit on anonymous

charly wanders down the hall singing this song, a movement is born

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life hack: when it’s dark out, lie down, and you can usually enter a state of unconsciousness for several hours

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Wellington from the uni graveyard, 1885. Notice how much further the harbour came in.


"what are you going to do with a degree in english?" carry around the longest book i’ve ever read in order to establish my position as the alpha scholar

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